Case Studies

The following case studies describe recent cases handled by BLC attorneys and affiliates.  Identifying information has been changed or removed from the description of these cases so as to protect the confidentiality of the people involved.

Mediating the Fallout From a Failed Business Deal - Between the Rock and the Hard Case
By Shawn Ladd

The Computer Heist: An Unusual Commercial Mediation
David Hoffman

Mediation Averts a Meltdown at a Non-profit
David Hoffman and Richard Wolman

Financial Planning in Divorce Working with a Mediator to Achieve an Equitable Result
Susan Miller, Aurora Financial Advisors, LLC (BLC Affiliate from 7/2003-5/2010)

Teen's Family Crisis Legal Confrontation Resolved with Counseling
Richard Wolman and Olive Larson (BLC Member from 1/2004-6/2010)

Collaborative Divorce in the Fast Lane Negotiating an Agreement, Start to Finish, in Ten Days
David Hoffman and Vicki Shemin

Restoring Trust to the Beneficiaries The Value of a Multidisciplinary Practice.
Richard Wolman, David Hoffman, and Susan Miller (BLC Affiliate from 7/2003-5/2010)

A Truly Collaborative Divorce  CL Looks Easy When the Clients Totally 'Get It'.
David Hoffman and Paula Noe

Air-Shuttle Family Diplomacy Parental Decision through Mediation
Richard Wolman and Israela Brill-Cass

The Right Expert + The Right Motions = The Right Results
Janet Kenton-Walker (Of Counsel from 1/2009-4/2009)

Mediation to Stay Married
Vicki Shemin

The Accidental Mediation
Israela Brill-Cass

One Step Forward and Two Steps Back: A Mediation Post-Mortem
David Hoffman