Alternative Dispute Resolution Panel

Boston Law Collaborative's Alternative Dispute Resolution Panel consists of experienced mediators, arbitrators, and trainers who offer the following services:

  • Mediation
  • Arbitration
  • Case administration
  • Facilitation
  • Fact-finding
  • Negotiation coaching
  • Special master
  • Training (for example, communication, diversity, negotiation, and sexual harassment)


Click here for our Panel brochure. Our panelists have handled a broad range of commercial, employment/labor, and family cases. We can also assist companies, HR professionals, managers, and families in preventing conflict as well as resolving it. Learn more about each of the panelists:

  • Loretta Attardo has been a practicing mediator and arbitrator of employment related disputes since 1996. In 2007 she transitioned her practice from one which included representation of clients as well as mediation and arbitration to a practice strictly as a neutral in employment and other commercial disputes.Click here to learn more about Loretta.
  • Israela Adah Brill-Cass is an Affiliate at Boston Law Collaborative. Israela is an attorney and has been a trained mediator and facilitator since 1998. Click here to learn more about Israela.
  • Melissa Brodrick is the Ombudsperson for Harvard's Medical School, School of Dental Medicine and School of Public health and their affiliate institutions. Additionally, since 1985 Melissa has served as a mediator, trainer and facilitator helping clients engage in effective communications and problem-solving while navigating high-impact workplace and family issues. Click here to learn more about Melissa.
  • Dana Curtis has been mediating employment disputes, facilitating workplace interventions and investing employment complaints for over twenty years. Her experience mediating hundreds of employment matters includes four years as a staff mediator for the US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. Click here to learn more about Dana.
  • Charles "Chuck" Doran is an experienced mediator specializing in the resolution of employment, workplace and other commercial disputes. Click here to learn more about Chuck.
  • Don Greenstein has a background in negotiations, dispute resolution, law, facilitation and conflict management. He has over 24 years of experience working with a broad spectrum of technical issues and dispute resolution processes. Click here to learn more about Don.
  • James E. Grumbach, during his legal career, which spans more than 35 years, has had experience in various areas of civil litigation, including insurance, professional liability, commercial disputes, personal injury, corporate and partnership matters, real estate, employment, construction and family matters. Click here to learn more about James.
  • David Hoffman is the founding member of Boston Law Collaborative, LLC. He has mediated and arbitrated more than a thousand disputes, ranging from Fortune 500 companies to employment, construction, and family cases. Click here to learn more about David.
  • Paul Holtzman is an experienced mediator with a track record of resolution of individual and class action disputes arising out of all aspects of the employment relationship, including wage and hour issues, discrimination, sexual harassment, and non-competition and severance disputes.Click here to learn more about Paul.
  • Vivian Hsu is the principal of Hsu & Associates LLC, a law firm specializing in employment counseling, workplace training programs, internal investigations and mediation services to businesses and non-profit organizations. Click here to learn more about Vivian.
  • Marvin Johnson is a nationally recognized mediator and arbitrator on the JAMS roster of neutrals. The founder of the Center for Alternative Dispute Resolution in Greenbelt, Maryland, he served 16 years as Professor of Labor Relations, Law, and Conflict Management at Bowie State University. Click here to learn more about Marvin.
  • Homer C. LaRue has served as an arbitrator and mediator in numerous employment, labor and non-labor disputes, in the public and private sector, for twenty years. Homer is a Professor at Howard University School of law, and is on the JAMS roster of neutrals. Click here to learn more about Homer.
  • Audrey Lee is the Panel Chair and a Senior Mediator and Training Director at BLC.  Prior to joining BLC, Audrey was a mediator with the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination where she mediated harassment, disability, age, race, and gender discrimination cases.  She is also a member of the EEOC Mediation Panel and a frequent lecturer and coach for mediation skills trainings. Click here to learn more about Audrey.
  • Stephen M. Linsky has served as a mediator, arbitrator, conciliator and counsel in employment and other private, court and public agency connected matters since 1986. Click here to learn more about Stephen.
  • Melinda Milberg is an attorney, mediator, arbitrator, and trainer with over 30 years of experience and a solo practice in Natick, Massachusetts. Click here to learn more about Melinda.
  • Jody Newman is a mediator and litigator whose practice focuses on employment disputes and business litigation, primarily representing employees. Her 30 years of experience at Collora LLP (formerly Dwyer & Collora) spans pre-litigation early settlement through appeal. Click here to learn more about Jody.
  • Marsha Saylor has served as a full-time neutral since 1982 specializing in labor and employment cases. Click here to learn more about Marsha.
  • Jay Siegel is an experienced neutral labor and employment arbitrator and mediator with wide expertise in the resolution of contemporary employment disputes involving corporate severance plans for both salaried and executive employees, pension issues and benefit matters. Click here to learn more about Jay.
  • Professor Lamont E. Stallworth is an educator, labor arbitrator, mediator and fact-finder and a Professor at Loyola University Institute of Human Resources and Industrial Relations. Click here to learn more about Lamont.
  • Charles "Chuck" Walker is a trial and appellate lawyer and mediator, with more than 30 years of experience in government, non-profit, and academic positions. Chuck’s passion for resolving conflict has been an enduring feature of his career. Click here to learn more about Chuck.
  • John G. Wofford is a mediator, arbitrator, and facilitator based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. For over twenty years he has provided impartial dispute resolution services in many areas, including employment disputes involving claimed discrimination, harassment, or wrongful termination. Click here to learn more about John.

For information about our services, our Panelists, or any other aspect of our work, please contact the Panel Administrator, Karen Richards at 617-439-4700, x205.